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R19 Update has been applied 1/24/2012


2012-01-24 12:37Server R18 had a crashbug in it. We have resolved it, and will soon send out server R19 to the RSPs.

A few RSPs will be trialling the server during this evening/morning. The new server update will begin rollout with all RSPs during Tuesday if no gotchas are found.


Fixed the most common server crash. The story behind this one is fairly convoluted:

When a player begins the process of joining a server, the server will begin buffering some kinds of information in anticipation of the player completing the loading & joining phase. However, players sometimes get stuck in the loading screen. This makes the server buffer more and more info for that player. A side effect of this is a temporary resource leak in the game server. The leak is immediately restored if the server changes map, or the player completes loading, or the player shuts down the game client. However if a player manages to remain stuck for 30+ minutes in loading on a server with lots of activity and the server doesn’t end the round, then the server could run out of the particular resource – it would then crash.

The new server version will forcibly disconnect clients which are threatening to exhaust that particular resource. With this change in place, we do not know of anything that would make high-ticket servers less stable than normal-ticket servers.

Long banlists will not crash the server.

The banlist supports up to 10.000 entries now. This limit can be raised in the future.

The banList.list command has been modified to return at most 100 entries at a time (similar to how BC2 PC’s banList.list command works).

Any administrative tools will need to be updated to be able to see more than the first 100 entries.

Corrections to the banlist documentation.


BF3 server R19 (903227) was released to us by DICE and we are beginning its rollout. This release is said to contain two fixes: one for a type of crash that is common mostly on high-ticket-count servers, and another to fix a crash when using 3rd-party admin tools that retrieve the banlist when it is large. It does not address the player drops related to Blaze disconnections (such as the disconnections that caused many servers to drop their players at 10pm PST on Tuesday), and it does not introduce new functionality, making it a minor release.DICE also talks about this patch a bit in a BattleLog forums post.

We are rolling the new release to servers as they empty out now. If you would like this version applied to your server before it it empties out, please try restarting the server, as this should empty it and trigger the update as long if it does not immediately re-fill. Or, if you have a managed VDS or managed dedicated machine, you can trigger a server repair through your "Managed panel" page to immediately apply the update.

We delayed this global rollout a little longer than normal while we tested the patch further; initially, there was some concern that it might be contributing to PB problems or to some other crashes. The tests ultimately came up clean.


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Lol, do people even know we have servers?

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It says it's only for PB enabled servers. So we can disable PB until they fix it, at least so we can all get our sling jam on!



and who knows what they are workin on concerning the EA master server, that could be a problem also...

pb updates

game updates

server updates

master server updates

no wonder this shit rarely works