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Bald fat guy.
-bZ- Member
Hey Bonezy,

Check this out bra'

1. Your In-game name:2. YOUR AGE:

3. Location:

4. What games you play:

5. Are you currently banned from any servers?

6. Describe your usual gameplay: (Rushing, Camping, Laidback, Sniper,)

7. What is the reason that you want to join -bZ- gaming club ?

8. PB_GUID: and/or STEAM ID: (If you do not know the PB_GUID, please ask one of us and we will be happy to give it to you)

9 .Prior Clan Experience:

10. Prior League Experience:

11.Additional Information:

12.Availability for play:


this guy seems legit... and it's kinda nice... we got a grumpy bones and a sweety bones... i'm not gonna say which is which.