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Hey guys my name's SamtheBuilder_ and I've been playing on a bZ server for quite a while now.. Actually more like a month xD

I play on the Minecraft server A LOT. I've been trying really hard to get on every day and I've been pretty close to doing that. I'm an asian dude 17. ya.. ching chong... I like surfing and doing water polo. water's the best bro. But I like spending time playing video games just as much. I would like to offer my body to the clan so.. take me... please..


Bald fat guy.
-bZ- Member
This one sounds interesting but we have an 18+ policy. You're welcome to play on the mineshaft server though. Enjoy!

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Are you sure we can't make an exception for a 17 year old Asian boy offering his body to the clan?

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