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Hello guys, Shea here. Recently i have applied to bz, figured i may as well say something about myself.

-So anyway, i love to game. I've been gaming all my life, playing a massive range of games, from car/racing games, to adventure survivals, And everything in between. about sometime last year i began playing Arma 2, Dayz mod. i was hooked, i love the feeling of needing to survive, and the thrill of finding amazing loot. Creating that perfect trap, and getting the amazing shot with a sniper rifle is incredible. if you're playing with me on my squad, i will most likely be sniping. i take the stealthy approach, unless i'm not being too serious. I am generally a friendly player, and wont really kill you unless you pose a real threat to me, or don't specify that you're friendly. I'll be on TS a lot, and try to be more talkative. So, hit me up some time, i'll most likely be on either Dayz, or TS.

Hope i have a decent chance at joining bz, i really enjoy the whole server, and community. :D


Bald fat guy.
-bZ- Member
Hey Shea, whaddya' say!!!