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Discussion in '-bZ- Recruiting Section' started by SHoEBoXX, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. SHoEBoXX

    SHoEBoXX New Member Private

    1. Your In-game name: SHoEBoXX

    2. YOUR AGE: 20

    3. Location: Florida

    4. What games you play: FPS, RTS, RPG

    5. Are you currently banned from any servers? Nope

    6. Describe your usual gameplay: Usually rushing, but I enjoy sniping too

    7. What is the reason that you want to join -bZ- gaming club ? Looks like a solid clan, also enjoy the servers

    8. PB_GUID: and/or STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:1707257

    9 .Prior Clan Experience: Spend 1/2 year in a BFBC2 clan called Battle Legion.

    10. Prior League Experience: CAL cs 1.6 if that counts...

    11.Additional Information: Hope to see everyone on the server

    12.Availability for play: Nearly 24/7
  2. Wiz

    Wiz Well-Known Member

    welcome to the horde
  3. Bon3z

    Bon3z New Member



    Welcome to Banzore , a recruiting admin will be in touch with you shortly. Look forward to gaming with ya , good luck on your app. :mrgreen:
  5. -bZ-JaXX

    -bZ-JaXX Been here since the beginning Corporal

    Hey Shoe. Thanks for applying with banzore. We have a great group of guys and gals here. We play a different variety of games (cod4, mw2, bfbc2 and moh)

    Check your private messages. I will be sending you Recruitment Guidelines. It will explain how your recruitment will go and also tell's ya some do's and don'ts here at club banzore!

    Good luck with your recruitment!
  6. -bZ-JaXX

    -bZ-JaXX Been here since the beginning Corporal

    Process starts 11/2/2010 and ends on 11/16/2010

    Good luck with your recruitment
  7. jojo

    jojo New Member Private

    come on team speak please you have to spend time on team speak to let people get to know you
  8. SHoEBoXX

    SHoEBoXX New Member Private

    I would love to join in on the TS fun. Only It requires a password...
  9. Jackson

    Jackson Well-Known Member Staff Member General of BanZore

    Welcome dude, what game/s are you currently playing?
  10. CR8Z

    CR8Z Bald fat guy. Corporal Donator

    PM sent with IP and pw
  11. Wiz

    Wiz Well-Known Member

    I used to game with a guy named shoebox in RVS
  12. Cuba


    he's on TS right now!
  13. -bZ-JaXX

    -bZ-JaXX Been here since the beginning Corporal

    way to fail jojo. he was suppost to have that stuff already.
  14. Wiz

    Wiz Well-Known Member

    u leave jojo alone he had a rough nite didn't u jojo
  15. LilQueen

    LilQueen New Member

    Ellow. :)
  16. jojo

    jojo New Member Private

    whats up shoebox just keep comeing on team speak. welcome abord.
  17. Billybong

    Billybong Well-Known Member Staff Member General of BanZore Donator


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