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Should i buy this


-bZ- Member
Processor - Intel Core i7-2600k

GraphicCard: ASUS ROG MARS II (2x GeForce GTX 580) (MARS II/2DIS/3GD5) - PCI-E / DVI / HDMI - Limited Edition

RAM - 16GB DDR3 1600Mhz

Harddriver - SATA6g SSD 120GB

Harddriver 2 - SATA6g HDD 7200RPM/64MB HDD 2TB

Modercard - Intel Z68 ATX/eATX

Soundcard- Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro

PSU - 1000+ Watt


-bZ- Member
Processor - Intel Core i7-2600k

GraphicCard: ASUS ROG MARS II (2x GeForce GTX 580) (MARS II/2DIS/3GD5) - PCI-E / DVI / HDMI - Limited Edition

Best in the world..
plaino said:
Is the PSU 80 Plus certified?I'll bet those 2 580's are about $1000 alone.
lmao, you were only short about 2000 dollars plaino, lmao.

There were only 1000 of these made by the way. Which is probably why they are so GDAM exspensive.


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The graphic card you listed is the MOST EXPENSIVE piece of shit MONEY can buy....

I would go with a gtx 580 or 570 single card or 2 single graphic cards....in Feb PCI 3.0 will be rolling out which means all these video cards including the $1500 one will be SLOW...

I would go with a board that support PCI 3.0 and then get one or two gtx 570's and then you will be good....

these are all nvidia based..if you got AMD

get 2 or 3 6950's and your BEASTING on 6 monitors...

I pulled a 7.9 on a windows PC with 2 550ti's cards...

he had a i7-2600K cPU stock Clock

ASUS Z68 Vpro motherboard ( He will buy a pci 3.0 board later)


2 120 GB SATA 6 500MB/s read and write SSD's....

one is c drive

the other is a d drive

no raid action

Total cost $100...he had already had the video cards...


-bZ- Member
http://www.overclock.net/case-mod-work- ... 6970s.html

This is my computer,

Just use 1 hard drive instead of 4 and you will have one more powerful at less cost.

If your using 1 screen, get 2x 1gb cards or 1x 2gb cards, i got 2x 2gb cards because of 2 screens

Get a 2500k (core i5) if you gonna game mostly, only if you photo edit, render, or video edit, you should get the core i7.

Faster mhz ram doesnt help after 1600mhz, and you will prob not need more than 8gb ever.

PS, i used to be a nvidia fanboy, but go with ATI now, they kick more ass in every section


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First and foremost...I am sorry if I offended you....

Like I said before if your an ATI guy then you know the 6970 you have is not as fast as a 6950.....

so get 2 6950's instead of 6970.....

Second,if you know the benchmarks of the graphic cards then you know the fastest ATI card ranks 5th....all the rest ranked higher are Nvidia....

Pinecone's video card is faster than yours...

Jackson's 6950 card is faster than your 6970...

So if you need any other help let me know....



DO NOT RECOMMEND the I5-2500K to people in this clan....I have built machines for people(professionally) and also build them as a hobby for myself...

All I5 Processors are not that great...the only one worth a damn is the 2500K and here in the U.S (I am not sure about in Sweden)

it makes no sense to buy this cpu when the 2600K is only 20 or 40 more bucks at most U.S retailers....

I mainly recommend the i7-960 for $199 or $179 or the i72600K for 269.99 or 279.99....

the newer processor being the first choice just because the newest chipset out in the market is Z68 and GEN 3...

Oh and if you get a 6 core Intel processor ...it will beat a i7-2600K...I have seen it and build them both and benchmarked them...stock clock...I don't overclock...


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whoever told you more than 8gb of ram is not needed....lied to you....

Bad company 2 will use up to 6 or 7 if you have it available....

Also 16 is the new 4 BRUH!!!!!!!