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So i figured

So i figured i should stop by and say hello :D

Had a blast on the 24/7 HC Locker tonight and even popped on TS for a bit, loving the server (gives me no lag even though im playing from europe) so keep up the good work BanZore!

PS: My ingame name is Nightprime, i usually go by Pontuzz but some bugger stole my name :c

EDIT - Just got a namechange through and now i can use my original name Pontuzz, had to add some extra fanciness to get it working though hah


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Welcome and glad you enjoy that server. Its one of my favorites as well. where in Europe you from?
thanks for the feed back keep on comming by!


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Hello there i have ate a few swedish meatballs and a few swedish ladies too uuups I cant belive i said that :eek: :eek: Iam in spain

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Wiz does love balls of meat in his mouth...