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So..............What's the Best Deal on a Good Chair!!!!!


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I need a new computer chair...

Just wondering what you guys use or recommend...


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Ask Jwaggz... Seriously.

He goes through computer chairs faster than I do underwear.

Me, I have a desk chair bought for 22.00 from Ikea. Jwaggz likes

The expensive ones but he says he splurges on comfort.


Bald fat guy.
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Pinecone said:
Get a Hermin Miller Aeron chair. You are a size B. They run around $500 but it will be the last chair you will buy. Look on your local craigslist for them. You can find them for a couple hundred less.
This is the chair that I have. It's a little more than 3 years old, and squeaks a bit, but it still supports my just overweight ass.

I would love to get the budget buster chair from Relax the Back, but it's just too damn expensive. My back needs support though.