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Spawning in Dead at Terminal - Arma 3 Exile Server - Altis

Wolfy Sukal

New Member
So, From what I've read this is a common problem that only an admin can fix. I'm spawning in as a corpse at Terminal. I don't have the 2minute countdown and when I hit ESC - Respawn, it repeats the process. I tried going in as different player profiles and it didn't work.


New Member
Yeah... I spawn at the bottom of the ocean. I cannot move, I have zero health, and when I try respawning my guy just starts in the ocean again... Please help I love playing on this server


Active Member
I was told this morning this was taken care of by der fuhrer last night. Thanks for the heads up!

EZ Bawlin

Well-Known Member
Staff member
I can fix this in the future.. If ya need my help and I don't see the thread right away just send me a msg on the forums.