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SPG Lines


-bZ- Member
Some info reposted from the forums, this stuff is still true to form. Will update and answer any questions as needed:

In General:

Arty tier 5 and below are actually cancer. But they're not actually cancer for the enemy, they're cancer for your team and for you. Don't even bother with them, get to tier 6 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Reasons: They do very little damage relative to the tanks in their tier and there is ZERO splash. I mean it, zero. You have to actually HIT the tank. They take a long time to reload in order to do little damage. They take forever to aim. 10 seconds at tier 3/4 is unacceptable. Tier 2-5 is almost only light tanks which move very quickly. Add their speed, your shitty aim time, and RNG, and you'll never be able to consistently hit. Add in your (generally) pathetic damage and when you do hit, it won't be significant. Add in shitty low tier play, people who are new to the game, lots of tomatoes, etc. and you'll never be able to predict where enemies will be.

Prediction is a HUGE part of the meta-strategy of arty, but not really what you asked for.

'Murican Arty Cancer

The title says it all. 'Murican implying explosions, cancer implying everyone will hate you. And much like a greasy, McDonalds inhaling, patriotic, flag waving redneck, these arty will hit you hard if you piss them off. American generally do more damage than the other lines, but also have longer reloads and longer aim times to keep it balanced. Their accuracy is also accordingly worse, but the splash kind of makes up for it. You won't always hit your biggest damage, but you'll always do damage.

This makes them dependable and consistent, a very important part of a good arty. Another bonus of this line is the play style of the line stays consistent throughout. Hit hard, reload for a long time, hit hard again. A lot of people don't like the long reload, but you can use it to reposition, so it's not all bad. You also get two top tier arties, the M53/55 and the T92. The T92 is RNG's bitch, so it's not used for CWs much, but it'll give you two CWs ready tanks for the price of one grind. It's a good deal.

Communist Pipe Dream

The Russian arties used to be feared. The line boasted the SU-5, it's little brother the SU-26, and the hard hitting, fuck-you-you're-dead, T92 of tier 7/8, S-51, S-14-Whatever trifecta. Since the arty nerf, these have lost much of their former glory (much like Russia) and aren't feared anymore. They still hit hard, but the accuracy nerf destroyed their effectiveness. 8.6 turned the SU-5/SU-26 short range fuck-you-arc into a joke, and then kicked it while it was down with the Bishop/FV304. However, the line does boast another commonly used CWs arty, the OBJ 261.

In the low tiers (which are shit for all nations, get through them quick) the ruskies have short range, low damage, and quick reloads. Arty nerf pretty much bent them over and put it in their ass, making them useless. The middle tiers, 7-8ish, in a drastic shift, adopt the 'Murican fuck-you, I-just-one-shot-a-same-tier-heavy attitude. These are still fairly effective post 8.6, but goddamn if they aren't slow. There's a reason the SU-14-2 is called the school bus, although school buses can actually move. The SU-14-2 can't. Then the line does another 180, not to the same direction is was facing, but like 90 degress up or something. It shifts into a whole 'nother dimension of arty.

The tier X OBJ 261 has the longest range of a tier X arty, is the most accurate, reloads and aims quickly, and can actually use AP effectively. (AP is almost ALWAYS a bad idea in arty, this might be the exception, IF you know what you're doing). The long range causes it to have a low arc over most of it's useful distance, but if the Obj can hit the target, it will hit the target. This makes it another common CWs choice, especially on flat, open maps. It's also worth noting that it has the highest DPM of the CWs arties. No biggie.

Road Runner Meets Pepé Le Pew


This line is much like the beginning of WWII when the French thought they'd be able to fight and quickly found out they couldn't and decided running would be a better strategy. They start out shitty LIKE ALL LOW TIER ARTY (do you believe me yet?), then around tier 5-6 they decided they're gonna fuck your shit up. The AMX 13 F3 and it's predecessor hit hard for their tier, but have the accuracy, aim time, and reload to match. Oh, and did I mention they don't have any splash? But, just like my analogy, the French arty quickly decides running is a good strategy and replaces damage with speed. The Lorr 155s are quick. Really quick. But they keep pretty much the same gun characteristics as the AMX 13 F3. Two tiers later. That's pretty shitty if you ask me, but with slight improvements, you can still make them effective. Then at tier 9 they decided it would be cool to be able to shoot while running away and added a turret so you could aim backwards. At tier 10 they thought it would be neat to shoot all your shots, then spend the rest of the match running and reloading. Seriously, if you like being useless for 80 seconds, this arty is for you.

That aside, the BC 155 58 is a fine tank. It used to be a preferred CWs tank, but fell out of fashion after 8.6. It still has its place though, a turreted, auto-loading arty is nothing to laugh at, even if only pecks at the enemy. The ability to keep a tier X permatracked for 30 seconds, while doing ~500 dmg every time you track him is pretty awesome. Add to that it's top speed is Ludicrous Speed, it can actually be useful.

Tea and Tears

The British line came in at 8.6 with a hearty "Piss off wankers!". It effectively power-creeped all the effective arties in one fell swoop, making it a unicancercum's wet dream. The tier 6 reloads in a whopping faster-than-you-can-get-your-repair-kit seconds, and has a crazy arc of taller-than-anything-on-the-map metres (we're british here remember?), and if you thought the BC 155 58's Ludicrous Speed was fast, this thing has gone to plaid.

But that's the best this line gets right? Well pull out your fags (cigarettes, not OPs, we're still british here) and laugh at the pubbie tears, cause there's still the Conqueror Gun Carriage. Boasting the lowest range of any tier X (low range is the same thing was what the ignorant arty-haters call "high arc"). and damage that can actually be compared to the T92, it'll fuck your shit up. Unfortunately it's accuracy, aim time, and reload can also be compared to the T92. This makes it a popular CWs option, however if you have to shoot further than 900m, too bad.

The rest of the british arties are comparative shite, but still adequate and hold their own compared to the other nations. Don't believe me? First of all, LOW TIERS ALWAYS SUCK. And lastly of all, tier 7 through 9 is spent transitioning from the fuckyoufuckyoufuckyou of the FV304 to the FUCK YOU of the CGC. But nothing in between is as effective as the specialists.

Which One Did I Forget?

Oh yeah, the German line. You think I'm joking, but I actually forgot which line I hadn't mentioned yet, and there's a good reason for that. Post 8.6, german arty is entirely unmemorable. It got power-creeped/nerfed into oblivion. The only useful german arty pre-8.6 was the grille, because it was tier 4 and the best choice for Tanc Kompanies. I won't go into the reasons it was useful then, but it's a tier 5 now, and you can bring tier 6 arties to TCs all of the sudden (WTF is with that?), so there's much better options. And the Hummel is not one of them.

Don't get me wrong, the German line isn't bad, it's just doesn't stand out. They're average in every way. Average damage. Average accuracy. Average aim time. Average reload. Average average. Each tier seems to be a little better in one area, then a little worse in another. Grille hits hard, but is inaccurate. GW Panth has a turret, but shoots firecrackers. GW E 100, the big bad boy of the line, is big, but it just isn't bad. It's slow as shit and just doesn't bring anything to the table that the other arties can't do better.

It's not a bad line, it's just not currently useful.

I haven't played ALL the arty in the game, but I've played most of it. What I haven't played I've tried on the test server. I'm also REALLY INTO ARTY ONCOLOGY, so I've heard a lot about the ones I haven't run from people who have. So I think I'm like 95% right, sorry if you notice the other 5%.

Also, if you're pissed cause I insulted your motherland, fuck you, I insulted them all. Except Germany. Fine. Germany arty is just like post-war Germany. Lay low and hope everyone forgets how shitty you've been.