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Starcraft 2

Whutt.. That like some wow stuff right? Only then spacy-er.. 8O


Bald fat guy.
-bZ- Member
No, no LilQueen, Yoshi is talking about World of Warcraft. The one with capital "W's", not the small case "w's".
That game is nothing like World Of Warcraft. That game is more like Age Of Empires. But on a larger scale with a ton more detail. It has a huge following, so Im sure it is a good game. I may give it a go, not sure yet however.
Talked to a few people who have it, they both told me its better then the 1st, I'll probably pick it up tomorrow.
Got it, good game, but not worth $60

Should have waited until it was $40

Only reason to get it is if you really like 1v1 games, the customs are not good enough yet,

and i hate relying on random team mates, because most of them get me killed.

If anyone decides to try it out, let me know.