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Streaming live game play via Twitch


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I will begin streaming my live game play via twitch http://www.twitch.tv/darkfire3814   starting Fri Jan 10th.  

I will be in ts and ts will be streamed as well.  At this point im not sure if i will use main chat room or make one just for the time i am streaming, We will play it by ear.  

The point of the stream is to bring more players to the clan. 

At this time there is only 2 other guys on Twitch that stream heilos exclusively. When they do they get a lot of viewers. When they broadcast what server they are on that server gets a huge w8t list to get on the server, And a lot of players want to repair the heilo the caster is flying. 

I would like to keep it as much clan as i can. 

I will make a squad, fill it with clan that wish to repair/stinger 

If you are not gona be dedicated repairs ( as in staying dead till respawn ) please dont join the squad. 

A few rules for stream.

Racism/Homophobia  is a no no

Cussing needs to be at a minimum. 

( this is the reason i may use a different ts room for the streams ) 

I will let you all know ehn i am streaming. I ask that you connect to the stream http://www.twitch.tv/darkfire3814   and mute the sound and play.  This will get my viewer stats up and get me to the front page faster.  Also if you are not playing the game but can moniter the stream chat with me i can give you MOD on the stream. You will be able to remove the viewers that are causing issues and what not.    

If you have any questions get with me any time. 

Also i am looking for a Youtube video maker, This person will be given rights to record the stream and post to youtube, i would like a nice into video made to be laced in front of all videos.  Once my ratings are up enuff i can become partnered with twitch and youtube as well, I will give % of money to the people who help, ie youtube maker, full time stream mods and what not.  


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im am going to  kill ups!  check this bs out. my gpu is coming from tx, and ups sent the card to Louisville ky then to Cincinnati from there its supposed to go to Columbus then down to Athens. These fucktards sent it from Cincinnati to Toledo. I live in Middleport Ohio almost the southeast most part of the state, And Toledo is the northwest, And while doing it the drove right into a winter storm.  So no the shit is stuck up there and they dont deliver on sat or Sunday. So now it looks like the card wont leave Toledo till Monday to Columbus then delivered Tuesday.   

drhfifhgkidrhuighipuerhit48t9hfkh    wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  lol 


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I once had something go from Fresno, CA all the way to Indiana, just to come back to Southern CA.

It went 2000 plus miles just to get 400 miles to my house.

And all I got was a lousy t-shirt!