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are you goin fer the whole week sling, or just a couple days?

cause i was thinkin of drivin down fer a day or 2
I checked the map to see how far it was, it is a 26 hour drive for me.

This would be a flying trip. That means I cant bring my BMX with me... :roll:
The plan right now is being there the 8th sun. thru 12th thurs. but that snot set in stone I think were going to have a get togather chat when BD get back from vacation.


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Hey guys, just wondering if you made for sure dates when you will be coming? Would love to meet up with all of you. I am working nights this year (8pm-6am) So sometime in the afternoon I can meet up with you! Drive safe!


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Awesome, see you guys soon! I think all of you have my number? Just get a hold of me when you want to get together!!
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