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Suggestion for Admin

Hello all. Thanks for the great servers, I've played on several over the years and BZ is as fair as it comes.

I come with a suggestion, not a demand. If you say no, I will respect it.

A lot of the server regulars on BZ #7 deal with TK issues, griefing issues, cheating issues etc etc.

I come to ask that one of the BZ members be given admin rights for this server.

Again, I am not demanding, I'm just offering a suggestion to improve the server experience.

I humbly submit danboom as a server admin for BZ#7.

He is fair, always acts rationally, and nothing of his character suggests he would ever abuse admin rights.

If you don't ask, the answer is always no.

Please accept my suggestion to approve the server experience on #7, and I will listen to all feedback if not. Thank you for your time.
It would be great if we could have an admin that plays rush fairly often. Having an admin in the server is a clear deterant to people griefing and causing issues, even if you use the same punish system, just having an admin in there is a massive deterant. This comes from a lot of admin experience in rush as an admin, I pretty much NEVER had to punish/warn/whatever people for griefing me or griefer others because they simply didn't as they knew an admin was around this was true when I was admin in XoN, Kiss and GMH rush servers over the years. The amount of griefing in #7 is pretty high.


+1 for #7 regular, danboom, as an admin.

#7 attracts a fair number of rule breakers who do it once, get reported, then just keep repeating bad behavior (griefing, TKs etc.) because they don't see anyone doing anything about it. Having an admin in-game would greatly help tamp down such behavior.
Your thread was specific to another server no? But it sounds like several servers have the same issues... meanwhile like 8 hours of some dude trolling later I see report threads still open so yea.
I would like to throw my 2 cents in here. I would love to see Dan become an admin on bz 7 . Its starting to become a popular server around the community and the last week the TK'ing and or griefing is getting out of hand. It would be really nice to have an on server admin to kick and or ban the troublemakers.