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Thx for your Hard Work


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Cr8z, Hillibilly and Cubano... thanks for setting up a great server I have been keeping my eye on it and it has been full pretty much the whole time. I don't have BF4 yet I want to get it and help support server.

Thanks again guys and one girl



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Some server info:

Your server is currently being hosted on a Dual Intel Xeon E5-2690v2 (Ivy Bridge-E 3.0ghz) node with 20 total processor cores and 128 gigabytes of RAM. The database code for this node is atlanta-icosa30-2; its OS is Windows. These are the current stats on your entire machine (not just your game server), based on the last 5 minute period:

CPU usage: 19.47%

Free physical memory: 115402mb

Machine uptime: 7 days, 9 hours, 0 minutes, 26 seconds

Your server has high priority on this machine.

The server keeps crashing randomly. Apparently, all of the servers are experiencing this issue, and NFO is working with DICE to straighten it out. There was a huge game update yesterday (677MB), which will hopefully help as well.


I didn't have anything to do with the BF4 server, just the secretary with the money. I ordered it off of a screenshot posted by Cr8z i believe.


Bald fat guy.
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That takes time, and time is money. Thanks for your help. The server is rockin'!


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Pinecone said:
Yeah CR8Z, Thanks for fucking over the clan by making a decision to put the server on the east coast without a vote. I'm sure your ping kicks ass too! In the future please don't be apart of choosing anything to do with Battlefield servers because you don't play the game religiously. Stick to project reality.