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TWL for BF4 for bZ


-bZ- Member


-bZ- Member
these are the BF4 ladders so far.

Battlefield 4 : 1v1 Tank Ladder

Battlefield 4: 10v10 Conquest Ladder

Battlefield 4: 10v10 Infantry Only Conquest Ladder

Battlefield 4: 5v5 Defuse Ladder

Battlefield 4: 5v5 Defuse Hardcore Ladder

Battlefield 4: 5v5 Infantry Only Conquest Ladder
Ill start getting in touch with the other hc clans see if theey want to register too. Will go over twl at meeting tommarow as well, maybe spark some more interest in it.

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So, I go to thinking about this; if most of us don't have the time to be super competitive anyway, why not just sign up for one of the lame-core ladders and match on one of those? If there becomes a bigger draw for hardcore; great. We can do that. But in the meantime, why not just have a go at the softcore stuff? I mean, how different is it really? You get guns and unlimited bullets. It sucks more, but at least we can build on our teamwork skills.

Just throwing it out there.