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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by WarHawK, May 22, 2010.

  1. WarHawK

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    Hey fellow gamers at BanZore (loving the name btw). First I'd like to quickly introduce myself. Online I go by the name WarHawK, and I am the Co-Founder here at the United Gaming League. I am posting on your forums today on behalf of the UGL in hopes to see you and your team sign up and participate in some of our ladders. As of right now, all competition will take place on PromodLive206, however we will have Pam4 Tactical support in the future. The UGL is offering prize packages for winning teams WITHOUT a buy-in. That's free prize-rewards at your fingertips without having to pay an entry fee. The more teams we get signed up, the better the prizes will get courtesy of our sponsors. With the failure of TWL and half of all PC Gaming Leagues dying off in the past two years, we feel that something has to be done differently. We are treating this as a way for PC Gamers to stick together and reignite the fire and passion that once put PC Gaming at the top of the gaming world in levels of competition as well as tenacity. We are inviting you to play to represent your team, and gaming in general. If that isn't your thing, hell, sign up to win some free shit ;) . If you have any questions for myself, or how things operate, or anything at all, either respond to this thread or contact me via private message on our website which can be located at " www.unitedgl.com " . I will be checking this thread daily or as often as I can to try and get back to you guys as quickly as possible. To register your team, the team captain must prompt to join a ladder, and create the team per-ladder. We're working on a more advanced system, but for now, this is functional and will work for our needs. That's about all I can say without completely going on a rant; I will be posting similar threads on forums across North America in hopes that we can host some of the premiere clans that North America has to offer, and create a better platform for those teams to compete under one roof. I hope to see you all on the website in the future, again, my name is WarHawK, I am the Co-Founder of the United Gaming League. Take it to the next level!



    UGL Co-Founder/Head Administrator
  2. -bZ-JaXX

    -bZ-JaXX Been here since the beginning Sergeant

    Hey WarHawk. Thank you for coming to our website and inviting us to come join the United Gaming League. I myself can see that TeamWarFare is starting to get smaller and smaller in competition for different games. It makes me sad as a gamer to watch a community that I have been competeing in for 6+ years to go get smaller. I will talk it over with our matching squad and admins as well as checking out the website to see what it is all about.

    As of right now we are only matching in Cod4. Im sure in a bit we will be participate in BFBC2 once we get most of our guys over and training over with.

    Again thank you for the invite best wishes with the new gaming league
  3. WarHawK

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    Thanks for the welcoming comments. Replies like that make this entire thing worthwhile.
  4. WarHawK

    WarHawK New Member

    Just keep in mind that we only provide prizes in our CoD4 ladders, but we still have BFBC2 ladders. :) Right now our main concern is getting teams signed up to get competition started. Nothing would help us more than for teams to start registering.
  5. -bZ-JaXX

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    rgr that. we will have a club meeting here soon and will discuess about the laddering
  6. WarHawK

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    Alright i'll check back here in a day or two again just to see where things stand.
  7. -bZ-JaXX

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    Ok...about 15 from our club is currently in florida for our yearly lan party. they should be settled back at home within the next few days. Once that happens is when I will have everyone get together and discuess it.


    GO FLORIDA :D :D :D :D :D
  9. YoshiBishi

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    I don't think I'll ever settle back after Florida...

    The Horrors I've seen...
  10. -bZ-JaXX

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    you've seen horrors their?


    8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O
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    Its called Cuba with his shirt off. :D
  13. -bZ-JaXX

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  14. Cuba


    not nice!
  15. Billybong

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  16. Cuba


    i didn't even look at myself with my shirt off, i even think i took it off!
  17. Kernel

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  18. WarHawK

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    Where does this stand now? I'd like to get as many teams signed up as possible for a shot at the prizes.


    LET ME ASK MY MAGIC 8 BALL.........

    I'm not sure if have had the time to discuss this yet , out look not so good. :?
  20. CR8Z

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    War Hawk, nobody has discussed this to my knowledge. I think you can count us out for now. Thank you for your interest in our club though.

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