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Update 8.11


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The Two Selling Points of This Patch IE WHY THIS PATCH IS BIG:

The new Confrontation mode will be a bit annoying at first, the tier level for MM hasn't been fleshed out, so look forward to having a ton of different tiers in the same battle at T7 and below. Being able to play against a specific nation is fun, but I find that it can be annoying when everyone is playing their TDs right now, IE WT E-100s versus a shit ton of T110 E3/E4s doesn't grant a lot of fun to be had in a match.

The new map Windstorm is a larger version of Himmseldorf with winter elements, albiet slightly less packed with a few sniper corridors for arty and heavies to advance through. More choke points from what I've seen.


T-54 model has been reworked, thank god, so the penetration characteristics are very different now.

Foch 155 has been kicked in the dick. Thankfully. Damage and penetration characteristics of the gun has been reworked. Thankfully.

WT-E100 has been nerfed (damage, turret, HP). Well deserved, this bitch could take out any T10 in 20s with little effort.

E3 and E4 have been damage nerfed. This is just to rebalance all of the TDs and their damage percents. Gun has been changed to fire a little bit faster however. Minimum alpha unchanged.

Obj 268 has been nerfed (damage, traverse, equipment, reload).

Essentially a lot of the T10 TDs have been nerfed since they have been seeing far to much gameplay at high-levels and their performance is way too good for what they are and should be: supplementary tanks to T10 Heavies and Mediums.


The 12th battle level for MM has been removed temporairly, meaning T8s will see T10 battles more frequently. God help your souls all ye who have bought T8 gold tanks.

New achievements. Medals have been reworked.

Maps have been reworked, lots of big fixes. Port is the next in the lineup to be removed until next patch for the major reworking.

A couple of new map variations.

Damage compensation has been redone.

Profit has been changed on a lot of T5-T8s and the main gold T8 tanks.

A ton of bug fixes. Lots of reworking garage UI so crews are easier to train, replace, and remove. Camo has had some minor changes.

Stats have been reworked in-game, easier to access and see some trends.


And that is a short summary of the new patch for ya'all.
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