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Warning - Ocean has become more dangerous!


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Currently mounts that can survive exploring now without being perma-stunned are Basilosaurus and high-health Tsuoteuthis.

with v262, Electric eels, eurypterids, and trilobyte spawns have been increased. On top of the 50% spawn increase from last patch for eurypterids.
The electric eel will perma-stun your mount and will normally also perma-stun you once dismounted.

The only mount immune to cnidaria and electric eels is the basilosaurus. These whales have dive-depth limit however, so no deep sea exploring. Whale's also take minimal torpor damage.
Tsuoteuthis are useful due to a glitch where they are not easily perma-stunned. The dismount still occurs, but if you are fast you can normally hop back on and attack a few times during the squid's invincibility.

I am not sure why the game devs think eel's or ichthyornis are fun. But the ocean is down to two mount choices now, with one being a clearly better solution.

Just a heads up gentlemen, don't lose any of your high level tamed megas or ichy's.