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I am S1L3NTJ and am constantly playing BF4. When I do play I am always on Banzore servers and some of you all might know me from TeamSpeak. I sent an app through a while ago but I messed it up so I resent it. I am down to play any of the games listed in Banzore but I mostly play BF4. I am 23 and just recently left the Army and now live in Cheyenne, WY as a college student.


-bZ- Member
Welcome aboard!  Been good playing with ya, the past few days.


Bald fat guy.
-bZ- Member
Your app is up and running. Good luck and I look forward to gaming with you!


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-bZ- Member
hey......ur a bZr. good for you. NOW GET ME A FUCKING COFFEE NOW!!!!  :eek: