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Wiz need TS info


-bZ- Member
Wiz need TS info please someone PM it 2 me

Also thx 2 everyone who helped in getting me setup I am rolling and now I be killin some fools in BC2, I went and got me a gtx260 to kill shit wit JoJo , CUBA , and The Bong! thx men!


Bald fat guy.
-bZ- Member
Wiz, I'm pm'ing you the old pw, but billyb has been doing some shit so I don't know if it still works or not.

Anybody else helping wiz?
Welcome Back my bratha! If the password has changed and you don't have access before this evening, let me know and I will take care of it for you.

GImma a call and I DEW IT ASAP!


Staff member
Senior Admin
As mentioned in another thread....I will not change the pwd or port number for TS....

your perms will be changing...after playing phone and email tag with my server it guy...the TS reset happens today before noon....

I will be at home pretty much working on groups(very roughperms,more refined within the week)setting up channels and getting tokens to all admins....

PORT IS 9992

PWD is "bzwelcome"