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WOT Recruiter's


Been here since the beginning
-bZ- Member
For those who have joined with me on WOT I would like to personally thank you.

I have brought my brother in to join with us on tanks (jallard79). <---- he will fill out app!

The following individuals are now recruiter's with WOT.




We all need to start checking the clan page on WOT site for new recruits. We have had a few people that have wanted to join and have missed the deadline on responding to the application. Below is a link to view the clan page. Please check this daily or every few hours (if possible).



Bald fat guy.
-bZ- Member
Awesome! I've been thinking about this game, I might just have to DL it.


-bZ- Member
If you guys ever want to play just let me know I am always willing to play some tanks.


-bZ- Member
I def down when i get back into some gaming shape the game is fun i have a bunch of T9 and T8 Tanks