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xb says hi.. i come in peace

just thought i'd say hi! you drs guys was always kool with me! sorry if i offened any of you ladies last time hehe... :mrgreen: was meant for them other nubs! ok cya on the BF!! peace :lol:


-bZ- Member
I'm a little confused here

is this Blue from [DRS]


Xb from -=KOF=-

either way get on TS and bullshit / game with us
BLUE!!!!!!! Wasssup nicka?
no i'm xb from old kof :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


add me in game if you want names on my sig, happy hunting :D
Just get your ass on ts you fucker. It was great to hear from you we are always askin about you wish you were back with us, theres aways room for a good friend.


-bZ- Member
xbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb , men yes is true we keep asking about u men , u left on my own.............sneaky sniper mother fucker, sorry 8O 8O 8O about that but iam happy , that u are back