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Yet another word on NoobInTraining

I don't have privileges to post in incident reports so I'm posting here.
There is another complaint about NoobInTraining in that subforum - I was sitting on these clips thinking maybe I'm just paranoid, but the other complaint on Noob encouraged me to post these and the story behind them.
NoobInTraining was slaying it up for a couple rounds; I forget the stats but they were definitely suspect and enough to draw my attention considering his low level. I concede that some people have multiple accounts, maxing out one and then starting another - unemployment is a hell of a drug.
I remember dying a little too fast when he was around, and I called him out for hacking. I received the usual "lol git gud" response.
Two rounds later, I decided to fire up the old screen recorder and spectate a couple rounds. I am not entirely sure of what hacks are capable of these days in terms of being subtle enough to not be blatant yet supportive enough to assist a player, so I don't know exactly what to look for. Some people are in fact simply better. That said, I do wonder if he turned the hacks down to a 4 out of 10 after I accused him, out of fear of being found out.
In the video you will find the following:
Clip 1 (0:00): Noob tracking a target through the transport helicopter as a passenger. He drops into the fray, then knows where targets are in the corner room and when they will appear.
Clip 2 (0:20): Fires at tank with rocket with what is probably just a failed animation but in the moment I thought it was suspect; he then hits the deck and knows an enemy is running up on him, knowing to switch back to primary to pop up and kill him. He then continues to track and anticipate enemy movements and appearances in and out of the container stack.
Clip 3 (1:12): He seems to know almost exactly where to zoom to find an enemy on an open map lacking specific lanes, such as one would find in Metro or Locker. The spamming of rounds seems odd to me as well, but I don't know enough to know if that is significant. Maybe I've been watching too much David Icke.
Clip 4 (3:08): I find his tracking of the enemy tank behind the building to be exceptionally blatant - but maybe he saw the back end of the vehicle as it travelled behind the building, I don't know.
Clip 5 (3:26): Of another player, my bad, I've only got two brain cells. In hindsight, I think it interesting to note the difference between this player's scanning and Noob's.
Clip 6 (3:55): I'm not sure how he knew the enemy popped out from behind those rocks, but it seems suspicious to me. Again, so does the DMR spam. Why not just aim? Tin foil hat engaged. His awareness and tracking of the enemy in the building seems suspicious to me.
Clip 7 (5:03): Seems to be AFK when staring at the vertical concrete slabs - when he takes damage, he' on target quite quickly and accurately. The next enemy he kills seems normal. The one right after that, he snaps to quickly and attempts to shoot at through the scrap helicopter, which I find odd.
Clip 8 (5:44): Not sure how or why, but it is at this point that I think he is aware that I am spectating him. He's been playing hard for 2 rounds prior and the first part of this round. I had called him a hacker, and I think maybe one or two others did as well, but I might be mistaken. He's to just be junking around and no longer trying for kills to throw me off. It is at this point that I am running out of tinfoil.
Thank you for your time.