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I think I didn't put my game handle in correctly. It should (HB)MoonUtonight. I am not a member of the HB clan anymore but cannot seem to get rid of the platoon designation.
apparently a Matrix 4 is in the works, and yup, somehow Trinity and Neo are reborn after their physical deaths in Matrix: Revolutions ......
You still have coasters for sale?
Yes... Just make a donation to BZ, and send me notice that you did it. I forget what I have printed at the moment, but when I get home later I'll check. If there is a custom color (with the colors I have) combination that you want I can do that as well. I'll take care of shipping... its not much and can send 4 coasters via standard mail.
How much did you're 3d printer cost. How much is hte material to print?
Sending you a message instead of "comment on profile"... limited in characters.