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Cardi B is on point. I'm not convinced that she is in fact a woman though. Kind of looks like a man in drag to me. Or maybe a he/she in a transitional state. Who is witness to the taco, and how much proof does one want?
You still have coasters for sale?
Yes... Just make a donation to BZ, and send me notice that you did it. I forget what I have printed at the moment, but when I get home later I'll check. If there is a custom color (with the colors I have) combination that you want I can do that as well. I'll take care of shipping... its not much and can send 4 coasters via standard mail.
How much did you're 3d printer cost. How much is hte material to print?
Sending you a message instead of "comment on profile"... limited in characters.
ive played with some friends of bZ, Rob "YAHELL" , and we have had 3 simultaneous squads on one team raping the mess out of the other team
its not too hard, once a squad gets in, and more come, simply create a new squad, then goto Origin and invite the others or they can click "join on you" and presto, multiple squads of BF-V Banzores
I hate the fact that since theres no private servers yet on BF5 that it makes it harder for us to play as a clan. Perhaps it's time to go back to Discord?
still here, still not dead. just did 3 weeks up north for work. Still just playing WoW, I'm going to be getting BF5 though. Hope to see you guys on the new battlefield <3
All moved in, new case on my computer, I have decent speed for internet. Looking to game soon. :)
Hey Hawk, As you may have noticed Im having trouble with pb kicking me everytime I join your server. Question can you look into your log files and find my player guid? I cant seem to find the file on my cpu and evenbalance needs this info to remove some global ban? Rest assured Ive never hacked or anything like that. as you can tell by my game play,hahaha. thks alot
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