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still here, still not dead. just did 3 weeks up north for work. Still just playing WoW, I'm going to be getting BF5 though. Hope to see you guys on the new battlefield <3
All moved in, new case on my computer, I have decent speed for internet. Looking to game soon. :)
Hey Hawk, As you may have noticed Im having trouble with pb kicking me everytime I join your server. Question can you look into your log files and find my player guid? I cant seem to find the file on my cpu and evenbalance needs this info to remove some global ban? Rest assured Ive never hacked or anything like that. as you can tell by my game play,hahaha. thks alot
Anyone having problems with pb kicking them after joining server??? I need help cant figure this out, reinstalled game(bf4) also reinstalled pb a few time with no luck. thanks
Did you test communication with the PB server?
yes everything looked good.???
I'm going to go to a buffet lit as fuck. I which you fuckers were with me right now, because we would be having a good ole time. Let's do a get together soon.
Looking for some gaming brotherhood. Sick of the trash talkers and the teen whiners. I proudly carry the title, "Worst Gamer in the World".
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