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One time I got my doctor to give me xanax because I had to fly back home for a funeral. I forget about the funeral, took the xanax, and started chugging. I ended up buying a white coat at a local halloween store and went to the hospital and just started popping into patient rooms and telling them that I was sorry, there was nothing more we could do for them.
When you and I are together, I feel really big. Big and veiny. Everyone else seems so little I can't even see them anymore. So little they seem like dots in the middle of a sentence, out of place and out of time.
Doug I completely agree, however you need to invite me over when you are drinking like this..
Also the double credit can be placed for future months how ever many that is if possible. Let me know if that works. Thanks man. See you in game with my knife if you jump out of that attack boat sometime Som Bich LOL. Hit me up if something cannot be done as requested.
Neo.... Raider113 here. Cancel my recurring subscription pull here please. I'm fine with one pull of $10 but not two. It's actually double pulling my $10 every month and I didn't know it. Not sure how that happened but it's been for a while. May have been my fault possibly too. Definitely cancel the additional and leave one in place.
Cancel my VIP please. Pretty sure I still don’t have VIP status after 8 days. I followed instructions posted. Thank you.
Psst I also got him banned on his "TheLibarbian" account about 8 months ago. If he ever grew a brain and quit doing the exact same thing every map, like that idiot mudship does, I wouldn't ever be able to recognize him.
It's so funny, I troll all his accounts so bad. He is a very noticeable player and doesn't seem to understand that he's the most hated BF4 player around and that he will always get caught. I've also seeked professional therapy because I wake up in cold sweats screaming "NOT THE UCAV" some nights. That mudship player has ruined my life.