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  1. GenShineySides

    Getting into Bz

    I think its funny how you guys have nothing else better to do than make fake profiles and stalk bz and its members. Look it didn't work out "again" move on its sad and pathetic how much time you guys put into hating bz
  2. GenShineySides

    Appeal Denied Ban Appeal: Jell1n

    lol bro nothing changed from bf4 and you didn't learn your lesson the first time simple as that. We gave you just enough rope to hang yourself with and you did just that.
  3. GenShineySides

    Oldmandead constantly TK'ing

    You mad bro? Sound like it, also sound like a douche. Kick rocks man
  4. GenShineySides

    Battlefield 5??

    Here here But you know what I think ???? I know you don't but I am gonna say it anyways nar·cis·sis·tic having an excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one's physical appearance. "a narcissistic actress"...
  5. GenShineySides

    Mr-Beefy-Peeg TKING

    Dealt with it already. He is gone, thanks for the heads up though. 
  6. GenShineySides

    Team Play (Communication)

     Obviously this is not the place for you.  Kick rocks man seriously, all you do is bitch and complain on the forums and in TS. 
  7. GenShineySides

    Mic Issue

    lol if the shoe fits then wear it
  8. GenShineySides

    Mic Issue

    Hope you are charging this guy
  9. GenShineySides

    The Division

    http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1407941-Damage-amp-You-Forums Read this all Division players, This explains alot of different things. Thought we ran into a hacker who was taking on 9 to 10 people but he wasn't. He knew how to play the game I am pretty sure. This breaks down the damage...
  10. GenShineySides

    The Division

    I don't mean stop at 14 either, Just be fun to gear up kill some people then move on
  11. GenShineySides

    The Division

    Hey guys that started playing, Found that lvl jump in Darkzone once you pass level 14 you get put into new category. Trying to get alteast 4 people to stay lvl 14 and below so we can give it a good run. Let me know if your interested. I work mostly days on weekend and tonight, But I'll be on...
  12. GenShineySides


    Sounds about right Jackson, If you got banned by him it was for a reason