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  1. O

    I keep being kicked from joining for accidental team kill yesterday, July 24

    I shot an m320 lvg and a teammate ran in front as i shot on ramp side of metro grenade fell down and killed roughly 5 people was a complete accident
  2. A

    Ban Appeal

    So im playing on your servers cussing up a storm, ya know the normal banter. No where in the rules does this say im not allowed to do so. Everyone in my squad or some of them would team kill me on purpose and i got annoyed and insulted him. Look i apologize for the normal gaming banter ill keep...
  3. Hardersoft

    I was wondering ....

    I was wondering. Many admins and other folks may, at times, need to observe players during the game, after possible questionable activity. IE wall hacking, exceptionally high kill rates, etc. I was wondering if anyone has been able to detect this type of activity, while observing a player...