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So im playing on your servers cussing up a storm, ya know the normal banter. No where in the rules does this say im not allowed to do so. Everyone in my squad or some of them would team kill me on purpose and i got annoyed and insulted him. Look i apologize for the normal gaming banter ill keep it down but its part of games to throw insults does it mean i have a huge hatred fir gays no its a joke. Ill keep everything to a minimum and the admin needs to chill out and stop calling me a loser just bc im giving game banter in chat. No disrespect to you everything is all in good fun i type gg at the end of every game and vote for maps ppl want to play. Yes i can suck at battlefield i just started on pc i have only played battlefield on xbox which is vastly different in skill level. Once again I apologize ill keep it down to an absolute bare minimum for you.


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I'm going to give an actual reply to your actual ban appeal, not here.