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bf4 admins

  1. Robin1991

    Suggestion to admin

    Hello! Not sure if i´m posting at the right place but i got a suggestion for the server i play on - HARDCORE ALL MAPS BANZORE.COM, is it maybe possible to have 6 different maps to vote on instead of just 4 ? theres so many good maps that never gets played because they never show up in the vote...
  2. A

    Ban Appeal

    So im playing on your servers cussing up a storm, ya know the normal banter. No where in the rules does this say im not allowed to do so. Everyone in my squad or some of them would team kill me on purpose and i got annoyed and insulted him. Look i apologize for the normal gaming banter ill keep...
  3. D

    Interest in BF4 Carrier Assault Large

    Hello everyone, my name is Dext and I'm coming to you from another gaming community called BOPE. We used to play on your servers quite often back in our prime of BF4. We have started organizing Sunday night game nights and BF4 has won the vote for this weekend! After browsing and seeing most of...
  4. Angry_Cuban13


    Hey all, Just popping by to say hi, I've played in your servers quite a few times and enjoy the atmosphere. I'm mostly over at MIg servers since I'm an admin there but I stop by the Metro Server every once in a while. I'll stop by TS once in a while to let ya'll know if we catch any cheaters...