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Interest in BF4 Carrier Assault Large


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Hello everyone, my name is Dext and I'm coming to you from another gaming community called BOPE. We used to play on your servers quite often back in our prime of BF4. We have started organizing Sunday night game nights and BF4 has won the vote for this weekend! After browsing and seeing most of the good hardcore servers down it was a relief to see you have a couple up and populated. We plan on making your servers a stop throughout the night and I was wondering if you'd take a request for some CAL maps tomorrow as they seem impossible to come by. I know changing map vote rotation can be a pain but if there is someone active with that capability we would be very appreciative!


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Thanks for stopping by. Generally speaking carrier assault isn't too popular and kills a server's population. I'm not sure if the server could cope with it and survive the round. Perhaps we could fit in one round of it at some point.

The all maps server just crashed so we've gotta get it going again. Let's see if we can get it running strong again and perhaps we can mix a round of carrier assault in tonight. I don't think most of the players on our all maps server (#1) would mind a round of it mixed in - though it'd need to be voted on. We can put it in the map vote and let the players decide.