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  1. TeamTuxedo

    =WoA= vs BZ and Friends @ 4/17/2015

    Lets get it offical Haitian and have this friendly! I know you spoke about getting the Best Players you can find (I.E Lord, OFI, Bz) to have a scrimmage against WoA! I dont blame you. Because Bz players alone can't compete :D  (yes yes its friendly trash talking, hopefully to persuade more Bz...
  2. GenShineySides

    Akkulla Hacking Metro

    Hey this is for you [NJOY]Dude Seriously, tell your friend hope he enjoyed spending 120 bucks on all the games again. Be waiting for that sorry as well.
  3. GenShineySides

    Hacker on All Maps today

    Use your gut if you suspect someone, check them out.

    Sniping Jackson in a Helio

    Go to 5:50 to see the actual event. This is using Shadowplay. Warning to headphone users, maniacal laughing.