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BZ13 additional tdm maps?


I have been playing on bz13 for a good bit of time, 70 hours or so, and was wondering if it would be possible to add in the remaining tdm maps that aren't included in its current rotation? ( Hangar 21, operation mortar, etc. )

if anything... to boil this down to a single request could we PLEASE get dragon valley 2015 atleast? Its TDM zone is a replica of noshar canals from bf3.

Thank you. I request simply as I, and other players, have mentioned wanting more maps in game chat.

(Note: I have not been active online, only the forums reading, in the last few weeks as my current work location provides only dial-up internet so uh... yeah. FPS game is a no-go lol )


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the DLC maps are not installed by default by steam even though it is FREE DLC. therefore when DLC maps come up half the server gets booted for not having the map pack downloaded.
others can correct me if i'm wrong but they are server killers from what I know


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-bZ- Member
BF4 Admin
Not sure on the specific times but most likely during prime time.
This would be when the server usually fills up and remains full, that way if some of the server gets kicked for not having the DLC downloaded, it doesn't kill the server.

Most likely from 5PM EST - 12AM EST.
hey looks like the server has had good player count with dragon valley enabled, can we try enabling all of the other dlc tdm maps as well? thanks. been playing a while and it'd be nice to have some more variety :)
It's amazing what TDM does to "meh" Conquest maps in this game. Like Gulf of Oman, it's so much fun in TDM mode.
Hey! Would it be possible to add a few more maps to rotation? This is the only server I frequent and I still haven't seen a paid DLC map kill it. Would be fun to see new picks :)