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ANY thoughts or recommendations???


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You can keep that headset Popas!!!

I thought the G35 was the one Cuba and BigDog and JoJo

are always bitching about....

something about the issue that it doesn't get recognized on every single windows restart....


i bought the g35 logitech and it worked for a month and now doesn't work at all

i bought a plantronics behind the ear gaming headset and the pad came off the first time i took it off my head

i've never had the corsairs

i have to buy a set of headphones because as of right now i'm without because the logitechs took a total shit last night

now i have to go with zalmans (i love them but they don't survive floor hits for shit) or those corsairs, i've hemmed and hawed all day and now i've waited too long to get them shipped todayl... FUCK!


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Behind the ear headphones? What are you doin? Playing consoles?

Over the ear for the winzore. Get yourself some 7.1 surround sound with bass booster. My headset always sounds like you're sticking your tongue down my ear.