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Appeal your BF4 bans here!

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Ban appeals are now handled at https://banzore.com/forums/form/appeal-a-ban.4/select

Thread locked.

Please post in this thread to appeal bans.

Provide your in-game name, the time and the server you were in, and any information you can provide relating to the ban.
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please unban johnnyrocket...12/31 @ 3:15 cst...

he had just joined me on your 24/7 locker server...there where 2 guys that had a spawn beckon in an out of bouce place...johnny had just joined the server...and his first spawn was on the beckon..just as you guys laid the ban hammer...

he meant no harm and i did not have the chance to warn him...johnny is 6 and has been playing on my account since bf3...i just got him his own computer for x-mas, loaded with bf3 and bf4...

we enjoy playing on your server as a team..along with my other clan members...please excuse him, i will teach him the ways of the good...

i tryed joining your TS to explain...but could not find a password...




I am posting to ask to be unbanned for team killing. I play under the name warriosavior and I was banned 1/5/14 @ about 2:30 PM CST. I have been kicked a few times for this unfortunately but they are all unintentional. I understand there is a glitch for the TK bans that is continually posted on your server so I hope this is the case here and that you accept my request.

Thank You,

i was spectating you, you seemed to know where everyone was and snaped pretty good to people even thru trees and all, reviewing the video now
new software i got in today, havnt figure it out or gotten a chance to play with it but, doesnt appear that sounds xfers from fraps to this software...womp womp
Not open for further replies.