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External Ban Ban Appeal: CachorraoSeco

In-game Name CachorraoSeco

Have you cheated before? No

What's your side of the story as to why you were banned? No clue. Maybe some good shots in moving targets fom far away. (Lucky ones) Got one from 1007m once

Why should we lift your ban? The server is awesome, and i'm quite good at clicking

Kick reason (from Battlelog) Game disconnected: you were kicked by an admin. Stated reason: Triggered PunkBuster ban detected [perm][BanEnforcer][Appeal at banzore.com]

I have checked and verified that I am not banned at https://bf4db.com Yes

I have checked and verified that I am not banned at https://battlefield.agency Yes


blessed with another day
-bZ- Member
BF4 Admin
How do you know SuperMufato?
Note: I'm Brazilian and i spent a good Brazilian cash in bf4 which is like 50 US dollars with monetary correction, and i was not willing to get banned for whatever unknown reason. Tank U very much