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Ban Appeal: DarkskinPotato, NadalThePotato, FernandoCaraIho, CrazilianBhimp

In-game Name DarkskinPotato, NadalThePotato, FernandoCaraIho, CrazilianBhimp

Have you cheated before? No

What's your side of the story as to why you were banned? Was banned for being linked to banned players on the accounts FernandoCaraIho and CrazilianBhimp

Why should we lift your ban? Ait im gonna try again cause i didnt really even try to explain myself most likely cause of bad mood or something but anyway. To explain shortly the reason i shared those accounts with these players is that those two accounts are used as seederaccounts on servers me and those players in question run in EU. Thats how i got linked to these players. Im trying again to see if this might work in getting me unbanned but i fully expect not to get this through.