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Appeal Approved Ban Appeal: GoGoGadgetJimbo

In-game Name GoGoGadgetJimbo

Have you cheated before? Nope

What's your side of the story as to why you were banned? Teammate was running over players constantly in tank. I did intentional TK that player (CriscoCube). From that date forward, CriscoCube has intentionally run me over in many matches. At another point, a teammate took a tank from another player. I saw a teammate trying to kill our own tank, so I shot them. It turned out to be CriscoCube.

Why should we lift your ban? Love the server, its the only Hardcore rush really left. I'm ranked OK in the server, and feel I add to the gameplay. I don't camp, I don't spam mortar or UCAV, I don't just play one class, I revive, I play obj. Just a bit obnoxious the last week or so.
Crisco (like almost every good tank driver) will run people over by accident when trying to dogfight with an enemy tank. Unless he is killing people with a gun or other weapon idk why you assume its intentional and you get to teamkill him intentionally. Also, stealing friendly vehicles is against the rules. The dude stole the driver spot from crisco, the guy ignored crisco and he dropped C4 on it so that he could respawn back inside HIS tank. First of all, you dont get to break server rules because someone else did. And you especially dont get to break server rules when someone else hasn't.

I comment because I have been there for every single one of these incidents. You are 100% in the wrong. Report people if you have a problem with them teamkilling you.
First experience with you was you c4ing my tank... then you did other trolling and eventually seemed to stopped teamkill and similar, but you do report me for accidental teamkills (posted one recently), so...whatever.