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External Ban Ban Appeal: H3LLISH

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In-game Name H3LLISH

Have you cheated before? No.

What's your side of the story as to why you were banned? I was playing on your hardcore server using the Type 88 LMG. I usually find a spot to throw the bipod up to watch popular doorways/halls for people to swarm in. I played a few TDM matches yesterday and was doing pretty well. I was on top of the scoreboard for the last two or three games and then called it a night and got off.

I went to jump on your HC TDM server again this morning and i was greeted with a "You have been banned" message. I have never received a warning or reason why i was banned.

Why should we lift your ban? I DO NOT CHEAT. I come from a very strict gaming community that is extremely against cheating and I have personally banned long time clan members from our community for cheating. no tolerance.

I would love to see if this ban was a mistake or if maybe I did something else without realizing it?
if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Thank you for your time. I hope I will be able to join you guys on the server again soon.

Kick reason (from Battlelog) You have been banned from this server.


I have checked and verified that I am not banned at https://battlefield.agency Yes
skill increase? is that an automated ban or manual? cause i was just lighting people up with the LMG as they walked into doorways one after another lol


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Did you read the appeal form? WE CANNOT HELP YOU WITH BA/BF4DB BANS! Take it up with them.
Not open for further replies.