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External Ban Ban Appeal: J-dawgslayer


New Member
In-game Name J-dawgslayer

Have you cheated before? no

What's your side of the story as to why you were banned? banned for graphic posted picture pfp?

Date of incident Oct 18, 2020

Which server were you on? bz #1 80 hz hardcore

Describe the incident i joined the server to play with friends and i didnt even load in i was just banned for what i assume to be my pfp which was a picture of several fruits in the shape of a donkey i have no idea why i was actually banned i have seen way worse pfp's and there is literally a hacker on the server right now lulW

Why should we lift your ban? i didnt even load into the game and my pfp was not offensive at all


-bZ- Member
Connect via Battlelog to see a more detailed ban message. I don't believe PFP are really the reason to be banned (correct me if I'm wrong)


Danboom thinks i'm mean
-bZ- Member
BF4 Admin
You are banned over at BF4DB for reason: Dirty screenshot, showing you were using a crosshair overlay with is against EA ToS. You'd have to appeal with BF4DB at https://bf4db.com/home