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Appeal Denied Ban Appeal: Yamahayz400f

In-game Name Yamahayz400f

Have you cheated before? No

What's your side of the story as to why you were banned? I was banned I think for impersonating a Bz member even though I actually used to be a BZ member I donated and all but haven't played this game for a long time and I guess they thought I was impersonating one.

Why should we lift your ban? I changed my tag from BZ because I honestly forgot that I had that and I actually used to be apart of the BZ Awhile back. Thank you


Staff member
Senior Admin
You were never a bz member. Your application was denied years ago and you still thought it wise to put on tags.

Additionally you are linked to cheating. We went over all of this in 2017 with you.

Appeal denied.