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Lord jesus that is cheap for a 2080!

Careful with the iCue software for your Void, it caused massive issues with Win10 for me with my K70, BSOD on start-up, I ended up destroying my master boot record thinking something was wrong, had to reinstall windows. Did fresh reinstall, errors kept happening, finally looked at log and it was the culprit.

Decent headset though, I liked mine, but it started having issues.. but warranty on it was dope.


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As of today, I have played 127 HRs. I have found the game quite challenging after so many years of BF 4. Once you get used to the differences in the way the games "feels" and you get a bit of a familiarization with the maps I think the comfort level starts to build a little. You can rank up to a 50 level. Your classes (assault, medic, support and recon) go to the 20 level. You earn your weapons similarly to past BF games.

The maps are quite detailed and varied. It's early in WW II and it's the Germans against the Brits. Some maps are in Winter (blowing snow at times) and some where the map randomly turns to fog, or heavy blowing snow. There's no Battlelog. You go directly into the game and choose the map and game mode. There is "conquest" which is all out war, and they have a TDM mode. The rest are somewhere in between those two. The only big new item is you can build "things" like sand bags barbed wire and such. You have to be in a squad. The game puts you in a squad (max 4 players) but you can leave and go to another squad, if there's room. They have already had a significant patch (they call it an update) that made quite a few trivial changes and a few that are more noticeable. There are air craft in some maps as there is also armored vehicles, half tracks etc. You can have a dog fight with other aircraft, and you can pilot a bomber and drop bombs. The have already nerfed the panzerfaust. It takes more than two to take out the tanks most of the time (prior to the patch two would take out a tank easily). They also delayed the bomber aircraft spawn. Before people were dropping bombs on the spawn areas and were getting ridiculous kill numbers. My kill rate is pretty bad. But it wasn't really that great with BF 4. There's quite a bit more detail that could be written here, but you will have to see it for yourself. Or, you could do what I did with BF 1 and said fuck it. I have noticed a pesky lag spike after about the first few minutes playing a map ever since the last update. I'm assuming they will still need to work out the net code bugs.


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im ranting at EA's decision to nerf aviation. they cut ammo counts in half, made it even harder to shoot down bombers with 20mm cannons. ive run out of cannon ammo just shooting at one bomber, had to peel off and go rearm, or switch to MG's and nearly deplete that ammo count just to down the bomber.

i think some buff needs to be added back to the ammo counts and damage by 20mm.