bf3 ships Fall 2011 -- includes jets, prone, and 64 players!

Discussion in 'Battlefield Series' started by CR8Z, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. CR8Z

    CR8Z Bald fat guy. Donator Sergeant

  2. Killdream

    Killdream New Member

    The trailer didnt really show ANYTHING of use... So well wait and see I guess... lol
  3. CR8Z

    CR8Z Bald fat guy. Donator Sergeant

    That's the whole point of a teaser.
  4. sicariatus

    sicariatus Member Sergeant

    oh my god is really hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee , i love u .....
  5. CR8Z

    CR8Z Bald fat guy. Donator Sergeant

    You can see from the cover art work that there are really tall buildings in an urban environment. Looks interesting.
  6. Killdream

    Killdream New Member

    Theyve always had big buildings no? Didnt mean you could climb to the very top and snipe the hell out of people xD. I hope when you run your weapon wont bob up and down like a little toy as it does in BC2, so retarded.

    They could have at least made a teaser with actual game play footage than random shit like that...
  7. CR8Z

    CR8Z Bald fat guy. Donator Sergeant

    I think the teaser trailer for MW2 was just a green wavy line with audio. It's pretty typical for teaser trailers. More will follow, they just want your attention.

    BF2 Special Forces allowed you to rope up on top of buildings and slide down on zip lines.

    There aren't really any tall buildings in BC2, prolly because you can destroy them. I don't know if these super tall buildings in BF3 will be destructible or not.


    Give me my GRAPPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. CR8Z

    CR8Z Bald fat guy. Donator Sergeant

    Play PR!
  10. Wiz

    Wiz Well-Known Member Sergeant

    Schweet!!!!!!!!! BF3 :p :p
  11. Spartan

    Spartan Active Member Private 1st Class

    sweet!!! i cant wait to sit in the big sexy jet and grapple ftw

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