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BFBC2 patch fail

Well i got done loading the patch it started around 11:30 didnt take to long to install went into a few known hardcore servers, and it appears that hard core is not so hard core anymore, life is regen and dmg does almost nothing i got hit by a tank round bearly got hurt shotting people in the head with m21 and doesnt kill them accually i hit one guy for sure twice in the head possible 3 times but 3 shots to kill him, tried CQ weapons and LMG's same problem, this of course could be a server sided problem but everyone in the server determinded it was patch related becuase we had been server hoping trying to find a HC server....so hopefully they unfuck this shit.


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Im just thankin the good lord that I got to start the update before I left for work > :)

You just like to kiss his ass. lol Ass kisser jp

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yea i guess thats it, just seemed like a patch bug, becuase it was in hardcore mode, no maps no 3d spotting non of the gay core stuff but only dmg and health regen of gay core