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CAHOS-Alb4tr0s banned from Banzore 24/7 - metro/locker

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Hi there bz fellas, 

I was part of the DS platoon at the moment all the members of DS were banned from one of your servers.

I was told by Shineysides  in the teamspeak, to directly contact Jackson, which i couldnt at the time I joined TS, he had already left. Too bad. If not through here (bz forums). So knowing that, this is my formal Un-ban request.  Most important of all, I dont want to create a drama movie out of this, therefore my discretion about this matter.

The thing is, my ban resulted to be a collateral for some of the DS members being rude to you and your community and not being able to explain when asked even after Banzore gave the benefit of the doubt, and getting us, some of the ds members that had nothing to do with it a general ban. I'm a regular on your server, and I really like to play in there. I would like to go back there and play.

Of course, I've been called out a hacker just because I had the DS tags on my nickname and even more prior to being part of DS.

And maybe its useful or not, but I live in Argentina, and currently have 160 ping in every US server (I have one of the best ISP in the region)

Name when banned:

CAHOS-Alb4tr0s, former DS member.

Current name:

Folkefly (my first nickname of all times)

If you dont believe me check my stats, I'm a tryhard that likes teamplay above all.

Thx for giving me this space to talk and explain myself. I hope I get news soon!

See you in the battlefield!!!



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I'll post this since my fellow admin already responded to one of your clanmates recently:

You are judged by the company you keep.

You were banned due to a blanket ban on DS. We reached this decision with great difficulty, and after months and months of deliberation. This was not how we wanted this situation to end up, but I suppose in the end, it is the way it probably should have happened in the first place.

We gave your members every opportunity to adjust their behavior in our servers, with our members and with our public players. The behavior would range from immature to outright antagonistic, forcing many of our pubbers to leave the server vowing never to return, and even pushing many of our own members away from the game if DS was allowed to play.

Given that we could find no evidence of hacking, we asked several in your club to refrain from this type of behavior, and to help us keep the standard of play and community high in our server, since we all get to enjoy it. However, DS continued to chase people away from our server and continue to their disrespectful behavior.

We have defended DS's right to play in our servers, myself included, not because we like you, but because we simply don't like to ban people unless it is absolutely necessary. In this case, your club has made that so.

We recently received a post from a pubber with video relating to Jellin, asking if we thought he was cheating. We did not see any cheating, and we defended him. Jellin then posted some obnoxious comment, which was absolutely uncalled for, and which showed his true colors. Jellin is not the only DS member to exhibit this kind of behavior.

In short, we gave you guys every opportunity to show some class, and you threw it in our face. It was a difficult decision, but necessary.

We think you are good players, but as a whole, we do not believe that DS is a good fit for our community.

Good luck in your future endeavors.
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I get it. Its okey, but why do I have to pay the price for their wrong attitudes? I left the platoon 4 days ago. I didnt know about this events untill a few hours ago. I present to you a different case, in which really I had nothing to do with in the first place. I found out I was banned a few hours ago, when I wanted to join one your servers.

So, as follows, I approached TS, and asked for some help about this issue, and i was explained properly by Shineysides, and "boom" found out a stupid kid got me banned from one of my favorite servers. Its unfair for me, I'm a regular player and never disrespect other players whatsoever. Please have some empathy and try to see what I'm trying to say. 

Dont minimize my appeal as if it was in behalf of all DS because its not, I only care about myself in this matter. I came through this means to ask an un-ban for me. Now that I know more precisely what happenned,I understand your decision. And it looks logical to me. It sounds like a natural response for those actions. Dont put me in the same bag as those who have done wrong. 


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Given your reply, I feel as if further clarification might help, so I'll treat with you on the matter:

  1. Guilt by association is enough.
  2. Given the circumstances, the bans are permanent.
Here's what I would normally say in this situation:

You want to have a discussion and appeal to Jackson, CR8Z, and the other admins on TS? I would support that. It shows that you are willing to step up and own up.

Even then, appeals are still denied unless the decision to approve the appeal is validated with the rest of the admins, preferentially unanimously.

This would be a case-by-case basis.

Furthermore, it will have to be approved by our community at our monthly meeting.

It is striked through because none of the admins have any reason to state as much. Why?

Let me reiterate CR8Z post with some context from our viewpoint:

If we unban you, how do we know you won't attempt to grief the community? We don't know you from Adam, you don't know us from Eve. How can we keep you accountable for your actions? This is the internet and words are wind.

I can empathize with your mistake of keeping your previous company, but there is absolutely nothing that can be done about that at this point.

It is harsh and I apologize for that, but we have no way of judging you personally outside of the company you have kept. If we unban one of you, that opens up a Pandora's Box of drama which was just closed.

There are other servers and other communities in BF4, some of which are akin to ours. If you have left DS for good I recommend that you explore, seek out those communities, and establish lasting relationships within said mature communities and avoid making the same mistake twice of keeping bad company.

Appeal is denied. Good luck and godspeed, I hope you find a good community someday!


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This ban shouldn't come as a surprise given the in-game attitude that DS is well known for, if they continue down that path then it is only a matter of time before they're banned from every server with an involved admin. Good luck in the future.


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 told you in TS last night that we would bring this before the community and vote on lifting individual bans. Until then, we will have to deny your request.

Thread is locked.


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Unlocked to provide user with results of his appeal, will relock in 48hrs:

Appeal has been reviewed and approved.

Reason: You weren't with DS at the time of the banning, therefore the ban doesn't apply to you. You're association with them was in a limited capacity. You also gave a shit about coming in and appealing to us regarding the ban.

Have fun and enjoy our servers.

Don't fuck it up.
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Hey guys I just read this! Picked up the email a few hours ago while I was at work. If I did that sooner you would have gotten a reply earlier.

Thank you so much for reviwing my appeal. I actually wasnt expecting a reply any time soon, due to the fact that the appeal was denied and the post locked out. 

See you in the battlefield!
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