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unban appeal

  1. hunterBSM

    Ban Appeal: hunterBSM

    In-game Name hunterBSM Have you cheated before? No What's your side of the story as to why you were banned? I was smoke screening for my teammates with grenade launcher. The battlefield was so chaotic and I accident hit my teammates with that. I did not mean it and I apologized to them. I...
  2. A

    Ban Appeal

    So im playing on your servers cussing up a storm, ya know the normal banter. No where in the rules does this say im not allowed to do so. Everyone in my squad or some of them would team kill me on purpose and i got annoyed and insulted him. Look i apologize for the normal gaming banter ill keep...
  3. C

    CAHOS-Alb4tr0s banned from Banzore 24/7 - metro/locker

    Hi there bz fellas,  I was part of the DS platoon at the moment all the members of DS were banned from one of your servers. I was told by Shineysides  in the teamspeak, to directly contact Jackson, which i couldnt at the time I joined TS, he had already left. Too bad. If not through here (bz...