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Complaint Handled Complaint from kamiigawa about player Intentional teamkill, verbal abuse, racial slurs

Who are you reporting? Intentional teamkill, verbal abuse, racial slurs

Date of incident Jun 11, 2021

Which server were you on? # -bZ9- # HARDCORE ALL MAPS BANZORE.COM

Describe the incident I was driving my tank infront of the left side bridge, at the shanghai map, when a player named "[UVD]jortdus" intentionally ran into my tank and got killed. Suddenly he and his friend "T0x1cBehavi0r" started swearing at me and calling me certain racial slurs. They joined my squad and immediately started killing me, after pointing them to this verbal abuse and telling them to stop that. They kept on doing this and wouldnt stop until I left my squad and the game ended.

Please ban these toxic players from the game. I've got screenshots to prove this situation.

The incident happened around 01:40 to 02:10 AM at 11.06.2021.


blessed with another day
-bZ- Member
BF4 Admin
I was going to say based off the 'oops' in chat the first one was an accident but looking at chat logs from them, it was not.

Gave them both a week time out.