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Complaint Handled Complaint from kumchampion about player oG_r_a_V_1_T_y & That_Calypso_Guy

Who are you reporting? oG_r_a_V_1_T_y & That_Calypso_Guy

Date of incident Jan 10, 2021

Which server were you on? bZ6 DLC

Describe the incident Team Griefing. I stole oG_r_a_V_1_T_y's tank and was holding it behind objectives and That_Calypso_Guy was placing c4 on the tank and allowing oG_r_a_V_1_T_y to use the MAV to kill us. That_Calypso_Guy promptly switched sides to rejoin oG_r_a_V_1_T_y. Check chat logs for the switch commands by That_Calypso_Guy.


  • 2021-01-11 01_39_13-GravityXIII - Twitch.png
    2021-01-11 01_39_13-GravityXIII - Twitch.png
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    2021-01-11 01_41_54-GravityXIII - Twitch.png
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    2021-01-11 01_43_01-GravityXIII - Twitch.png
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